Making Disciples (part 2)

As I have studied and prayed through a mentor / discipleship process for over a year, I found that most of my models and ideas were very bulky and incomplete.

My original idea was to simply mentor people facing major transitions in life.  The problem with this is that it implies stagnation to the rest of us.  As Christ followers, we should always be growing and changing.  We should all be in transition.  I considered adding another layer of meetings with small groups based upon discipleship accountability.  This too was bulky and the majority of people can’t fathom adding another meeting to their schedule.  It is hard to sell and therefore hard to implement.

Instead of asking people to belong to multiple groups within our church, I am currently exploring what it would look like to simply develop 1 on 1 relationships based solely on accountability.   If I ask you to join a group and meet every week, that seems hard to maintain and sustain.  Where will you meet?  What if one person can’t make it?  Should you cancel or reschedule?  Now imagine if I ask you to meet with another person every week?  You could easily set up a reoccurring appointment.  You could easily manage scheduling conflicts.  You could simply decide to call one another during a busy week.  It is focused on a relationship, not another meeting or group.

Just food for thought, but I believe the best discipleship process must be based on a relationship with someone you trust as opposed to a program or group.

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