Making Disciples at CPC (part 3)

As Sweet Brown reminds us, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”  The truth is, nobody has time to read their Bible, pray, memorize scripture, read books, encourage one another, share their faith, confess sins, journal/reflect, fast, and then review their day to make sure they went through their day with Christlike motives.  I believe we must replace our lesser habits with habits such as these.  Anyone who consistently did the things above would have difficulty staying the same.  You would become a disciple.

Change of this caliber is a process.  You can’t exchange bad habits with godly ones in an instant.  It is time consuming and a lifelong pursuit.  The only way I can effectively imagine to do this is to create a process that is exciting to the disciple; a process that the disciple looks forward to.  In order for this to work, the disciple must enjoy the company of someone else on the journey.  If two people enjoy each other’s company and respect one another, a weekly meeting can be energizing.  Rather than a meeting which can become draining, the process of discipleship becomes focused on people doing life together.  It melds into their daily life.  It becomes a part of their routine.  In short, it could become a habit.

Think of it this way.  Which seems more likely, to meet with a group of a few people for 10 years, or to meet together with a friend consistently for 10 years.   I think the friend wins every time.

I believe the best way to disciple people is to provide a simplified guide that friends could easily walk each other through.  A guide that focuses on applying what you already know, not developing knowledge that will never be implemented.

Tomorrow, I’ll post the first drafts for potential CPC discipleship guides.

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