How it could be (part 4)

I am going to walk us through a potential discipleship relationship, geared towards developing the habits of a disciple.

Imagine that you have just been connected with a person in your church that you trust (don’t worry about how they were selected at this point).  You decide that you will meet for lunch once a week, because that fits nicely into your routines.

Instead of having to come to the meeting prepared with a list of  questions or research, you simply pull out your phone and retrieve the same questions each week found in the CPC discipleship guide.  You start at level one since you are just beginning.  Level one is designed to develop the habits of reading your Bible (and listening to God), prayer, and reading other Christian books.

Why these three? Simple, they are the basics.  We must learn to read our Bibles and pray.  It is also important that we begin a lifestyle of learning.  Reading influential books is the best way to do this.  You and your friend meet each week, having fun, but spending about 30 minutes going through the discipleship guide and evaluating your progress in these three habits.


After a few months, you’ve established a pattern of reading your Bible and praying.  You have even read a few chapters on the learning track!  You are moving at your own pace and you decide you’d like to move on to level 2!

(Notice that the church didn’t tell you to move on, you simply progress according to your own readiness.)

(Level 2 will be in the next post)

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