Level 2

After a few months of reading your Bible, praying, and reading on the learning track, you and your discipleship partner (or friend, for lack of a better word) decide to move to level 2. You’ve been meeting together, encouraging one another to read daily, pray, and read other books.  You’ve also held each other accountable to attend prayer meeting, connect groups, and serve within the church.  Level 2 makes sense.


Now you add two more disciplines into your daily routine.  You begin to memorize a Bible verse each week.  Committing God’s Word to your heart is a great way to apply His truth during your day.  You also begin to journal, which is a simple way to say, take notes while you read.  Instead of simply reading the Bible, you begin to take notes on what your read.  You write down questions to ask your pastor or discipleship partner.  You even write down your daily prayer requests. It isn’t a big change but it challenges you to keep growing.

Next up LEVEL 3


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