What we’ve learned about giving

One of the most incredible things that I’ve learned this year is that our church is extremely generous.  In fact, I’ve learned that if I will simply take the time to teach what the Bible says about money, most people will obey God.  In the past, I taught once a year on tithing and apologized for it.  This year we taught an entire series on money and we focused on 100% of it, not just the 10% that we are supposed to give.

This year, we have already exceeded last years total amount given by almost $25, 000.  In fact, it is actually closer to $40,000 if you add in the Christmas offering from last December!  The cool thing about this is that our attendance actually dipped this year.  That means our people simply stepped up and gave.  Many people gave more than 10% this year!

This allowed us to achieve the 3 financial goals that we set last October.  #1.  To create financial buffer.  We now have a $10k buffer, which for us is awesome. #2.  Focus on missions.  Before this, we considered ourselves to be the mission and we didn’t focus on things outside our church.  This year we gave away about $7,000 towards local and global missions.  We also sent 5 people on a mission trip to Peru and saw more than 300 people accept Jesus as their savior! #3.  Get a permanent space to worship in.  To be honest, this seemed like a pipe dream.  In fact, I didn’t really even push it until we had achieved the other two.  Then in the summer, after our mission trip was over, we began to pray about a place to call our own.  God quickly opened up a door and our people gave generously.  We received our largest offering to date: more than $17,000 on October 7, (12k was for our building).

God is good and He moves through those who are generous!

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