10 Things that excite me about 2013

The new year is probably my favorite time of year.  It comes right after Christmas and is pregnant with hope.  Here are 10 things off the top of my head that I am excited about…

10. Our upgraded systems at CPC.  This may sound lame, but it is probably what I am most excited about in the upcoming year.  I won’t go into details, but I think our church is on the verge of some great things!

9. Getting back to my “playing weight”.  I’ve been working out and trying to recover from a few injuries, so that I can have a great year at age 36…

8.  New Goals-  I love the new year because I love setting new goals for the year.  This year I’ve already got a jump start on some of them.

7. Dirk is back-  The Mavs always have hope when we’ve got Dirk.

6. New mission partners-  I can’t wait to develop some more relationship with other mission partners.  We already partner with e3partners.org to plant churches and this year I have my eye on several new partners, including the Child Advocacy Center across the street from our new place.

5. Mission Trips- I am going to all that I can to go on our trip to Lima.  I am also hoping that our church can participate in another trip as well.  Two trips is a huge goal for a small church, but our God is big.

4. The Walking Dead returns.

3. Our new location.  Without a doubt, this will change the game for our church.  It will allow us to be so more strategic and thoughtful in how we spread the Gospel.

2. Annie.  I can feel it in my bones that I will be able to travel to Ethiopia this coming year and meet my daughter.  It is incredible to even think that my daughter might be alive right now and I am possibly within a year of meeting her.

1. More people will give their lives to Jesus at CPC than ever before!

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