How to fix your financial problems and avoid the financial cliff.

I read through the Bible every year.  Actually, it usually takes me a little longer than a year because I try not to worry on days I can’t read a lot, so that it doesn’t become stale or legalistic.  Anywhoo, I always get am fascinated when I read about the Year of Jubilee.  In fact, I really believe that this might be one of God’s greatest’s ideas, right behind redeeming all mankind on a cross.

Every 7 days is a Sabbath for man.  Every 7 years is a Sabbath for the land.  That means don’t work the land for a year and let it rest.  Then it will be fresh to give a great harvest for the next 6 years.  It is a reset button for the land.  Then God takes everything into account and says every 7 land cycles (called Shmita in Hebrew) there is a Year of Jubilee.  It is indeed a year of Jubilee.  Everything resets.  All debts are forgiven.  All slaves are freed.  All property returns to it’s original owner.

I realize this may sound crazy, but I think it has potential.  There would have to be some caveats, such as banks and corporations could not own property, but the genius of it is that it would be difficult to get so far off track that it can be undone, such as our country is right now.  And personally, all of the prices would likely drop severely if you knew you were going to have to release your house in a few years ( if the year of Jubilee were coming soon).   Credit card companies likely would go away.  (Why would any one give credit to people that consistently prove they can’t repay you if all debts were going to be cancelled in a few years?  I realize Pandora’s Box is opened, but I can dream right?

But best of all, that lawnmower or garden rake that you gave to your neighbor would be much easier to get back, because it’s the year of Jubilee.

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