What movie are you livin’?

Here is our second sermon from the series, “Unleash!”.  This might be my favorite sermon that I’ve ever preached.  (I’m not saying it was actually preached the best, but the content is very helpful, in my opinion) 2.17 from Connection Point Church on Vimeo.

Be Unleashed!

Here is our opening sermon from our new series UNLEASH!  This might be my favorite series that we’ve ever done! Unleash – Week 1 from Connection Point Church on Vimeo.

One month of 2013 is in the books!

Now that we’ve jumped into the new year, I’ve begun to try to evaluate where we are at according to our metrics and where we are going. Our numbers are trending up, though they are still lower than this time last year.  Actually our numbers are identical to last year, except that we no longer…

Monday Morning Quarterback

10.  My son won the Crazy Fan contest at church.  I wasn’t in charge, so don’t blame me. 9.  Our greeting team officially began yesterday. I was very proud of them and we had plenty of 1st time guests for them to greet! 8.  I have a dream of hosting an awesome Superbowl party.  Perhaps…