How to cheer your wife up on a rough day.

Clayton eating Wot doro wot and injeraMy wife worked most of the day, which meant that when she got some bad news this afternoon, she just had to keep working for several hours thinking about it.  I hated knowing that she was probably discouraged, yet I couldn’t do much to cheer her up.  We found out that there were going to be some more delays with our adoption today.

I know my wife takes news like this extremely hard, so it was kind of cool that I was on my way to the store to buy some ingredients for doro wot, the national dish of Ethiopia.  It turned out really good.  I can now make some pretty mean doro wat and beef tibs.  I also have a great injera hook up in Sachse.

Clayton ate with us this time and really seemed to enjoy it.  Afterwards, we had the state dish of Texas: Bluebell Ice Cream.  We also watched my wife’s favorite movie (which also just happened to be on) Legally Blonde.  Since our time to go to Ethiopia might be delayed, it was nice to get a taste of it tonight.


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