Upcoming sermons at CPC

I am really working to get ahead on my sermon prep in the upcoming weeks.  Here are some things I’ll be preaching soon:

1. Kryptonite:  a series about our weaknesses.  Topics will include gossip, lying, pornography, and anxiety.

Kryptonite WEB cpc

2. I love my church: the title to this series is tentative, but it will be a series about some of the core values at CPC.  This will be new content that God has been shaping for the past year or more in me.

3. When God doesn’t make sense: Habakkuk.  I am prepping a series on the minor prophet Habakkuk that I believe will be a powerful sermon series.  Habakkuk was a prophet that had trouble understanding what God was doing in this world.  Why did good things happen to the bad people and bad things happen to the good people.  Why didn’t God administer  justice in obvious ways?  We’ll learn about these and more.

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