Saw it coming


As much as I hate to see greatness fail, I was positive that Anderson Silva would lose his fight against Weidman.  Or anyone else for that matter.  It is obvious that Anderson Silva had become bored with dominating people, and the fact that he had not faced a legitimate contender in over a year and a half, the writing seemed to be on the wall.   He was already considered the best ever.  He was already tapped to fight Roy Jones or St. Pierre or Jon Jones.  The only thing he hadn’t thought of was actually preparing to fight Chris Weidman.

There are a few jobs in this world that can’t be faked.  You can’t be an MMA fighter and fake it.  If you watch early Tito Ortiz, you’ll see a fearless, cocky fighter who was there to destroy you.  Then watch him later in his life.  After he has Punishment Athletics.  After he has been on the Apprentice.  After he is famous and has something to lose.  He fought differently.

Anderson beat himself and only he can decide if he wants to win again.  I don’t think he does.


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