Mission Trip 2013 – Day 8

day 8 mp panorama

Machu Picchu!  This was one of the most exhilarating days of my life.  We awoke around 5:30am and loaded onto a bus for a 2 hour ride towards Machu Picchu.  From there, we loaded onto a train for another couple of hours.  Each moment on the train was more breath taking than then last.  Eventually, we made it to Hot Springs, Cusco, Peru.  We took another 20 minute bus ride (which was quite scary) up the mountain to reach our destination.

day 8 mp joel selfie brandon heather

Our team was ready to tackle one of the 7 wonders of the world!day 8 mp joey heather brandon jenny 1 day 8 mp joey heather climb day 8 mp joey heather steep stairs

I have no idea how many stairs we climbed, but it was a lot.  Each corner was a new photo op!
day 8 mp joey s

Here is a Joey looking at a stone that the Incas would sacrifice virgins on.

day 8 mp joey takes pic

We were taking photos non stop.  Each opportunity seemed like a view from a magazine or movie.day 8 mp overlookday 8 mp rock carving on

Here is a stone that the Incas carved to match the mountain-scape.  That way they didn’t have to go to all of the other sacred mountains to worship and sacrifice.

day 8 mp through the garden

Some of the native vegetation.

day 8 mp brandon 2

Brandon was fighting off some sickness, but still enjoyed every moment.

day 8 mp joey heather brandon 4day 8 mp cpc go big

Our CPC team enjoying the view.
day 8 mp joel looks 2

I had to take a few dramatic pics for my profiles…

day 8 city of hotsprings rainbow 0

After returning down the mountain, God gave us a beautiful rainbow in front of the beautiful mountains.

day 8 mp city of hotsprings 1

We hit the shops and enjoyed some of the tourist traps.

We finally headed home and to our surprise, a masked man danced with Heather on the train!

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