Mission Trip – Day 9

After Machu Picchu, we were ready to head home.  We woke up early and jumped on a flight back to Lima.
day 9 final meal When we arrived in Lima, we headed to a great restaurant called Norky’s.day 9  wedding at San Francisco conventWe then headed to the San Francisco Convent.  There was a wedding in progress as we left, but the highlight of this place was the tour.  We explored a library with books so old and fragile, that they hadn’t been opened in hundreds of years.  We also explored the catacombs that held the bones of more than 25,000 people.  We were underground for about 45 minutes and only saw about 5% of the catacombs.  It was an amazing experience and highly worth the $2 tour.
day 9 selfie at soccer stadium

Next we headed past the soccer stadium to a park of water fountains.

day 9 team selfie in fountainday 9 selfie at lima fountains 3day 9 selfie at fountainsday 9 lima fountains 1

The fountains were pretty cool and a great way to cap off a great mission trip.

day 9 inca cola billboardOn our way back to the hotel, I snapped a pick of an Inca Cola billboard, since this is one of my new favorite drinks!

Half the group headed to the airport to head home, but the Texas folks got a few rooms to share at a hotel to get some showers and sleep. Our flight left at 4:30 am, which means that we really only had 2 hours to sleep, since we needed to leave for the airport at 12:30am.

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