Mission Trip – Day 10

day 10 3 am1  We were exhausted as we waited for 4:30am to roll around.  But we wouldn’t have changed a thing.  God moved in a mighty way and His glory is now in the hearts of more than 420 new believers in Cusco.  We started and strengthened 8 new churches!  It is amazing what God can do and it is amazing that He chooses to do it through us!

evangelism cards

Here are the names that Connection Point Church will be praying for over then next year.  These are the names and prayer requests of people that the four members of CPC personally were privileged to lead to Jesus.  What a great move of God!

We had a blast!

We had many great memories as a team!  I was honored to lead devotionals for the team every morning.

We were able to bond as a team playing GOLF and the game of Life.  We took advantage of every second of downtime.

Curtis Hail (the CEO of E3 Partners) and Sam Neugent (our trip leader) were great examples on this trip.

We were able to experience and appreciate a different culture in a beautiful city.

We made some great new friends on this trip and certainly were blessed to experience God move in so many ways!

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