How to fix your family (Part 1)


I started a new sermon series this week at my church about family relationships.  I believe that the content of this series is game changing- even if you aren’t a Christian.

The first topic was “raising the bar”. Simply put, how do you have high standards in your home, or business, or relationships without becoming anal and legalistic? Jesus gave us a great strategy:

With Jesus, the standard got higher, but the grace got deeper!

In other words, If you want to have high standards, you must be prepared to show more mercy, grace, and forgiveness than you thought possible. Think about it from Jesus’ perspective. His most famous sermon was the “Sermon on the Mount”. It is really a message about raising the bar in our lives to an IMPOSSIBLE STANDARD. He basically said, “You must be perfect, even with your thoughts”. No room for errors. Instead of ‘don’t murder’, the new standard is ‘don’t get mad a people’. Instead of ‘don’t commit adultery’, he said, ‘don’t even think about other people sexually’. He concluded the sermon by saying, “be perfect as God is perfect”.

But then you know what he did? Every time he found someone who was struggling in horrific sins, such as liars, adulterers, and other criminals, he would lead with an interesting phrase:

“Your sins are forgiven”.

In other words, as he raised his standards impossibly high, his grace grew impossibly deep.

Here is Sunday’s message if you want to watch:

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