John 1

The following are my comments on the book of John.

1-18 The eternal Jesus makes God known; He makes God visible (vs18)

19-28 Johns purpose was very important.  He was breaking up the fallow ground.  He was radical an people thought he was the Christ.  This means he was good at his job.  The better the message, the more preparation is needed. John prepared people for the radical experience of Jesus.

29-34 John’s humility stands out.  Humility is vital for a preacher because he must not take any glory from Jesus.  As John said, “I must decrease so that he may increase”.

35-42 Andrew and John made a great decision, why follow the preacher when you can follow the Christ.  Andrew is one of the 1st evangelists.

43-51 Phillip follows on faith and becomes an evangelist as well.  His method of evangelism is “come and see”.  Nathanial was easily impressed (or he had the gift of discernment)

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