John 3

This entire chapter is about the divinity of Jesus. There are many notable verses: 3:16-21, 29, 30,36.

vs 3:2 Jesus will be lifted up to heal the world- Numbers 21:8-9

vs 1-21 Nicodemus struggles with the same things as the woman at the well in chapter 4: he doesn’t understand spiritual things. One thing that is obvious about Jesus is that he is supernatural and knows the condition of the subjects that he talks with.

vs. 22-35 John recognized who Jesus was and celebrated his coming. It meant that he had fulfilled his purpose. Instead of jealousy, he rejoices.

vs. 30 “He must become greater, I must become less” We must exalt Christ as all answers in life. I must be willing to sacrifice glory or fame or pride or ego in order to make Jesus famous.

vs. 36 Jesus clearly claims to be God in this passage. Oprah Winfrey should read John 3:36.

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