John 4

The woman at the well (aka. the great sycharian revival)

– Jesus went from Judea (Cana) to Jerusalem (Nichodemus ch. 3)  and now is headed back to Galilee in Judea.  He passes through Samaria

– Samarians were looked down upon by the Jews because they came from a time when the Assyrians exiled the Israelites and brought in foreigners to intermarry.  They were viewed as mixed breeds that corrupted God’s teaching and worship.

– She was coming to the well when she thought no one would be there.  It was hot and she had a bad reputation she was an outcasts for being promiscuous.

-She gets snooty with Jesus-> Jesus finally grabs her attention when he prophesied in vs. 16.

-vs. 27  The disciples come at the right time-  They are surprised to see him talk with a Samaritan woman until they hear the topic:  Jesus is the Christ.  This was what He frequently talked about.  It is surprising, but not overwhelming because they have seen him do this before, like with Nicodemus.

vs. 28 Then, LEAVING HER WATER JAR, the woman wen back to the town and said, come [and see] a man that told me everything I ever did.  Could he be the Christ?


1. To be an evangelist, you don’t have to be perfect.  The woman was a known sinner.  She was below average.

2. To be an evangelist, you don’t have to know everything.  She didn’t even know if Jesus was the Christ.  She only knew her personal experience.


1. She left her jar.  It likely too all day to get to the well, but when she found Jesus , her priorities changed.  We might have to let some of our habits and priorities change.  Your pride or your sleep or comfort must change.  She left a life of merely “existing” in order to follow this purpose.

2. She told everyone to “come and see”.  Her only phrase or explanation was “this guy told me everything I have ever done.”  She didn’t use apologetics or arguing.  She wasn’t risking her relationships.  She was eagerly mending them.  As a church, we should create environments for people to come and see.

The result of her effort is verse 39.  Many believed in the town because of the woman!  She went from Jenna Jamison to Billy Graham and the verse 42 happens:

We no longer believe just because of you… we have heard for ourselves and know that this man is the savior of the world!”

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