John 6

Jesus feed 5000

–  The crowds were drawn to his healing power, they were not worried or thinking about lunch.  Jesus had already deccided to provide for them further, probably because of their willingness to follow him this far.

Jesus “jumps the shark”

– Vs. 53. ” I tell you the truth , unless you eat the flesh of the son of man and drink his blood, you have no life in you”.

– This verse is exactly what happened with the 5000.  He is letting them know it is not enough to know the son of God, you must depend on him for sustainable. He is saying “faith is a action, not simply intellectual knowledge.”  This caused men to walk away because we fear commitment and confusion.

–  It takes an act of God to follow Jesus. (vs. 65)

-The disciples stuck with him because they put all their eggs in his basket.  They had abandoned everything.  They were all in.  This is the great thing about disciples- they go all in!

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