Documentaries I’ve Seen Lately

Here are some of the documentaries I’ve watched lately.

Queen of Versailles- Makes you roll your eyes at rich people.

Blackfish- Makes you want to stop going to SeaWorld

Talhotblond- Makes you want to unplug your computer

Into the Pride- Makes you want to see a guy get eaten by lions.

Expelled- Makes you think about the bias of science.  Right or wrong, only one side of this debate is ever presented as truth.

Grizzly Man- Makes you feel sorry for Timmy.

Hoop Dreams- Makes you want to go back to high school.

King of Kong- Makes you feel sorry for a guy who plays video games.

Supersize Me- Makes you want to quit eating McDonalds.

Bigger Faster Stronger- Makes you consider examining the steroid debate from another angle.

Pulling John- Makes you want to arm wrestle.

The Bridge- Makes you sad.

It might get loud- Makes you love Jack White and Jimmy Page.

Kurt and Courtney- Makes you raise your eyes at that woman…

Man on a wire- Makes you cringe.

Young at heart- Makes you smile.

God grew tired of us- Makes you want to help a refugee.

Exit through the gift shop- Makes you want to tag something.

The Cove- Makes you want to help the poor dolphins.

Pearl Jam 20- Makes you love them even more.

Restrepo- Makes you understand the craziness of 24/7 war.

The thin blue line- Makes you distrust the police.

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