Day 4, Cusco 2014

We began the day hiking along a long, beautiful road.  We came upon a couple who was washing potatoes in the river.  Our nationals called them up and we shared the story of Jesus with them.  We also enjoyed fun van ride, saw plenty of animals, and went out on the town on Tuesday night.

5Tuesd morn
As usual, we gathered in the morning for breakfast and prepared to go out.
5Tues Whiteknuckle
My brother was not a fan of van rides, which were literally, “white knuckle” adventures.
5Tuesday road
We walked for miles and didn’t see many people, but we were able to reach into the villages in the mountains.
This couple was washing potatoes in the river when we called to them.
As one of the nationals talked with them, they began to weep and hug us. It was a powerful moment because they had been disconnected from their church due to family disagreement.
The city of Cusco is always in the distance. There is never a bad view.
5tuesday teams
Jeremy and Clayton were on a team together. It was awesome having them together. Jeremy was able to manage Clayton’s blood sugar without me worrying. Here they are climbing a mountain to share the story of Jesus.
5Tuesday pigs
Clayton loved seeing the pigs. It was one of his favorite things. Jeremy even led a woman to Jesus in a pig pen!
5Tuesdnight on town
I loved the down time. It was great to make memories with my son and my brother.
This is simply to show his wife that he can shop.
Here is Seth O’Neil showing how little Christo Blanco looks from the city square.
Clayton and Seth at a market in Cusco.
We went to Starbucks to hang out on Tuesday evening with some of the other team members.
History is always present in Cusco.
Cusco at night.

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