Day 6- Cusco 2014

On Thursday, we truly saw God do great things.  We hosted an eyeglass clinic in Saqsaywaman that was a huge success.  We spent the week going to the nearby villages and sharing the gospel and then inviting people back to the location of the church we were planting.  Though we had seen some success, we primarily would see about 10 people a day or so.  On Thursday, we saw more than 40 people show up to the eye clinic.

7eyeglass clinic teresa
Teresa stands by the entrance to the eye clinic. This was the house of one of the church members and also the location of the church.
7eyecglass clayton
Clayton uses the evangecube to tell children about Jesus.
7eyeglass clinic
Jenny helps a Quechua woman find the right set of reading glasses.
7ingnacio eyeglass
Ignacio, the pastor of the church, shares the gospel with a room of people. (He’s also proudly wearing his new sunglasses)
Chase and the evangelism team work hard to tell people about Jesus!
After the eyeglass clinic, Clayton and I walked to the town plaza one more time.
7closing ceremonies
Later that evening, we gathered all of the teams together to celebrate with the new churches.
I had the opportunity to preach to the entire group, which was more than a hundred people. I enjoy preaching with a translator and Alexis did a great job!
My translator, Alger, was awesome. He could speak English, Spanish, and Quechua. He also had a great heart for people.
The night was so much fun and it was an opportunity to see some old friends. The Luna family hosted me last year. Pastor Luna oversaw the entire church campaign this year. He did a great job. It was also great to see young Frana as well!



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