The Now is Awesome!

We’ve been having to check my son’s blood sugar every couple of hours, which means Erica and I are taking turns checking him at night.  (She gets the crappy 3am shift and lets me have the midnight shift most nights.)

I usually try to get in bed before midnight, so I’m often sound asleep when my midnight alarm sounds. I stumble to grab the materials and carefully poke his finger to draw blood, and then check it on the device. He never wakes.

As I try to go back to sleep, I am overcome by blessings and thankfulness.

I thank God that I live in this time. Diabetes was a death sentence 100 years ago. I can’t imagine the parents that woke one morning, only to find their child deceased. But we live in an awesome time when we actually have an alarm that sounds if his sugar level is too low. The Now is Awesome!

I also think about the blessings that we have now compared to the past. We have so much more reason for hope than any generation. Although it is easy to focus on the major issues all around us, most of us are free from the life and death struggles that every other time period has had to deal with.

One of my frustrations in life is the amount of weeds in my yard. If that is in your top ten problems, you are blessed!

In other words, Everything is awesome.

One of the habits I am trying to instill this month is to have a positive attitude about everything.  It has been a challenge, but it is definitely worth pursuing.

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