Facebook is ruining you.

I’m currently researching sermons for 2015 and one topic I am going to talk about is depression. Depression is something that I struggled with from around age 12 until age 35. It was a dark cloud that hung over some of the greatest days of my life. I am so glad that Facebook wasn’t a big player during those years.

When I struggled with depression, I was usually very functional while around others. The darkness came when I was alone. I would focus on how everyone else was doing better than me. I believed my best days were behind me, but everyone else was doing awesome. Life seemed pointless on most days. I seemed incapable of succeeding like everyone else.

Facebook would have exasperated my despair.  It is no secret that Instagram and Facebook are fake.  No one is always doing awesome.  You go to the park and get bit by ants.  Then your kids start fighting while you are going for a peaceful walk.  Then your youngest falls and scrapes his leg.  The tears flow.  Before you leave however, you gather the family together and everyone smiles.  You hashtag it #Funatthepark #awesomefamilytime #lifedoesntgetbetter .  Meanwhile, you can’t wait to get home and get away from those hellions.

Here is the truth.  Life is awesome.  It is a gift from God.  It has nothing to do with what everyone else is doing.  If everyone else gets a million dollars and all I get is a miserable day with my family, I’ll be blessed!  If everyone else is on the beach everyday, I’ll thank God he let me eat an apple for breakfast and go to work.

A while back I deleted facebook from my phone.  I’ll occasionally update with funny articles I read on the web.  I might even post some stuff about my kids, but I probably won’t look too hard at what everyone is doing.  And when I do, I’ll probably click “like” on that photo of your awesome life.

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