Free Books! The secret to free learning.

I went to Barnes and Nobles the other day for a “study day”, which I do occasionally. Usually this isn’t a big deal–I grab some books, take them to a table and dig in. Only this time, the manager came up to me and asked me why I had so many books (I had about 10 books). I told him I was going to scan them, decide which ones I wanted to read and then probably buy one or two. He then stood at my table awkwardly looking at me. I asked him if this was a problem and he said “Yes, we have other customers that like to read”. It caught me off guard. Every book that I had on the table was one of probably 4 or 5 on the shelves. So I returned the books, bought one and left.

I was telling my wife about this and explained that I won’t be going back to Barnes and Nobles, when she made an interesting comment. “Why don’t you just go to the library?” So I did. And I ended up finding every book I almost bought, only I got them all for free! It had been so long since I checked out a book in the library that I almost felt like I was getting away with something- like I was stealing!

So, here is a quick tip- check out the library.

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