A Quick Guide to Interpret the Bible

Here are some quick questions that may help you interpret a biblical text:

THE CONTEXTUAL TEST– What did it mean then?
  1. Who is writing?
  2. Who are they writing to?
  3. Why are they writing?
THE PERSPICUITY TEST– What does it say?
(The perspicuity of Scripture- trust the clarity of scriptures)
  1. What principles are being communicated?
  2. What does this teach us about Jesus?
  3. Is this a command or passage that is still applicable?  (does it refer to a specific people at a specific time or is it an overarching declarative command?
THE CONSISTENCY TEST– Scripture interprets Scripture
  1. What did other biblical authors or Jesus say about this text or subject?
  2. Do my conclusions agree or disagree with related areas of Scripture and others who have studied the passage?
  1. What is the literary style of the text?
  2. Is the style meant to be taken literal or figurative?
  3. What are the major words or phrases that should be examined?
  1. What have I learned and what must I apply to my life?

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