A Thought about Interpreting the Bible

I’ve been reading several books lately, including Alister McGrath’s book, “Christianity’s Dangerous Idea“. This is a book that traces the historical and cultural trends that influenced and were influenced by the Protestant Reformation.

The Reformation still affects almost every strand of our culture today.  Ideas that are considered normal today would not have been thought 1000 years ago. Current conversations on homosexuality or abortion could never happen before the reformation.

McGrath states major idea of the Reformation is that :

“The Bible is capable of being understood by all Christian believers- and that they all have the right to interpret it and insist on their perspectives being taken seriously.” (McGrath pg 2)

Interpreting the Bible is more complex than saying “I think the Bible says…” .  In technical terms, Exegesis, not Eisogesis is presupposed.  Prayer and the guiding of the Holy Spirit is presupposed.   That isn’t to say you must be a scholar, but simply to point out there are certain guidelines that must be considered when interpreting any text.

The one principle that I believe is most important in interpreting the Bible is this:


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