Every Decision is a Spiritual Decision

We started of the year at Connection Point Church with a great series called, “Small Tweaks, Big Peaks”.  One of the major ideas from the series was this

“Every Decision Is A Spiritual Decision”

The tendency for most of us is to simply try to improve ourselves by changing our habits with sheer will power.  And it never works.  That is why this idea is so revolutionary.  The Apostle Paul conveyed this idea very clearly by describing the fight between the Spirit and the Flesh.   In my own life, I’ve seen God remove sinful habits or destructive patterns in the blink of an eye.  After all of the fighting and struggling when I’m finally out of options, I’ll begin asking God to fix the problem that I feel I should be able to overcome.  And in a moment, God lifts the struggle off me in a moment.

The bottom line is: Most of us struggle for years before we turn Jesus, why not start there.  Struggling to change habits ourselves never works.

You can watch the full sermon here:


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