A Crazy Idea for a New Year Goal

I love the New Year and I love setting and pursuing goals.  Even my daily planner is focused on achieving long term goals.

What if your goal became my goal?  As I spent this week considering my goals for 2016, a crazy thought came to me:  What if one of my major goals this year was not my goal at all.  What if I spent a considerable amount of effort this year helping a friend achieve their goal?  It would have to be a worthy goal.  It would have to be a big goal that would change their life if they accomplished it.  So this year I am on the look out for people with big goals that need support.  I am usually successful in achieving my goals each year, so what if I could simply help someone else achieve theirs.  Then we both achieve a goal- we both win.
I’m on the lookout and I’m going to pray that God will connect me with someone who can use a partner to make 2016 a life changing year!

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