Even Pastors Doubt (Part 1 of 3)

Doubt is a powerful enemy.  Even as a pastor who has a strong belief in God, I doubt.  I fully believe that God is intervening in His creation, yet there are times I doubt.  Perhaps it will be comforting for someone to know that even pastors have doubts and questions.  
The longer I live, the less I get hung up on my doubts.  There are several reasons for this-

1.  I understand I have a limited perspective and therefore it is impossible for me to answer these doubts fully.  I therefore trust that God has a better perspective than me.

2. I understand that these doubts would exist if I were to abandon my belief in God.  I would still have doubts.  I would simply doubt that he doesn’t exist.  Or to say it clearer- I would wonder if He did exist.  Doubt is inescapable for both the theist and the atheist and anyone who denies this is fooling themselves.

3. I understand that doubt is necessary for faith.  And if doubts are unavoidable, I should focus more on what I want to have faith in, rather than what I doubt.  For this reason, I find myself respecting an atheist who believes he has a limited time to live and love his family than I do a Christian who lives in fear and never puts his faith into practice.  

We all have a world view that is based upon what we believe to be true or what we have faith is true. I choose to operate from a worldview that God exists, has revealed himself, and is intervening in His creation.  

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