Even Pastors Doubt (part 3 of 3)

Though there are 4 primary categories that lead me to doubt, there are hundreds of things that lead me to trust in God.  Here are four of them:

A.  Order–  Everywhere I look I see order in the universe.  You may not be accustomed to seeing it, but it is there.  Why do the laws of science always work?  Surely they don’t have to.  There is so much order in the universe that it begs for a designer.  In my experience, no amount of randomness can account for this much order.  A similar thought would be progress.  How is it that we have been able to use these laws to do things that seem impossible.  Consider the camera.  It capture an image, a moment in time, that no longer exists.  It seems as if things were leading to this.  It reeks of purpose or intention.

B.  Beauty–  Why does so much natural beauty exist on the one planet that has people who can appreciate it.  The moon doesn’t have it.  Mars doesn’t have it.  We have it.  Beauty seems to be a gift to us.  In fact, it seems to be an intentional gifts from a creator.  You may dismiss this, which is fine.  All I know is that I find an extreme amount of joy and peace from being in nature. Being around natural beauty seems to draw me to God in a spiritual way.

C.  Symbiosis–  The fact that every living thing depends on every other living thing.  Why would this occur?  Why would Darwin’s tree of life split?  Why would a cell split in a way that benefits something else and not itself, simply because that organism is doing the same thing?  The inter-connectedness of life has always left a purely random view of evolution lacking, in my opinion.  Again, this seems to insist on a designer.  

D.  Prayer–  Specifically, answered prayers.  I know that this is subjective.  There are many people who prayed for their cancer to go away, yet it didn’t. I don’t have the answers for that.  But I know this, there are somethings that I’ve prayed for that have come to be that I could not have made happen on my own.  We started a church in a house with a few people.  We prayed and fasted for a truck.  That very week, another church called us and offered us a truck.  How did they know?  Why did they wait until that moment, when I was praying and fasting for it?  We prayed for a building to meet in for our church.  We couldn’t afford anything.  Within a month of praying, we raised $20k and found a space.  For 3 years, I prayed for a new landlord that would be favorable to our church. As soon as our lease was expiring, we get a new landlord who is favorable for us.  At the exact moment.  These are a few of the examples that come to mind.  Not to mention the hundreds of personal examples I could give.  Prayer seems to always work out, even when the answer is different from what I asked for.

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