We are all hypocrites, or at least forgetful…

I read an article in the Economist that showed religious people are much more likely to be compassionate if they will simply ask one question:  “What would my god want me to do?”  It doesn’t matter the faith, that single question seemed to change many people’s response to how they would treat other people- specifically people outside of their own faith.  In other words, we are a rebellious, forgetful people.  We forget what we believe and often pridefully rebel even when we know the right answer.   I’ve seen this in my own life.  I know that Christianity was built on the backs of self sacrificing believers who ministered and gave to the poor and sick, yet I find my self actively Iooking past them.  I know that faith in Jesus should mean that I actively rearrange everything in my life around him, yet I struggle with simple decisions, like praying more.
Although every faith seems to struggle with this prideful and forgetful rebellion, the only solution I am drawn to is Jesus.  Instead of offering a system that will change my behavior and increase the lifelong struggle within me, Jesus only offered himself.  He allows me to simply let the other things fall away.   

Yet I do think the simple question asked by Charles Sheldon in the 1800’s or the Imatatio Christi in the centuries before that still has value:

What would Jesus do?

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