The Life Changing Device (Disney’s Circle)

A few weeks ago, this happened:  Man Dies Looking at Phone.  This, of course, makes us all shake our heads at how irresponsible and addicted some people are with their phones (not us of course).  I saw this story, shook my head, and moved on with my life.  

Until I bought this device.  Disney’s Circle is an awesome device that allows me to control all access to the Internet in my house.  I can turn off the Internet to my kid’s devices while my wife stays with full bars.  I can set a unique bed time for each kid that will automatically shut off the internet for them.  I can limit the number of hours someone is online in my house.  (We’ve currently got each kid limited to an hour or so, including minecraft…)  With one push of the button I can have everyone come to dinner by simply pausing the wifi.

The problem with this device is that it also gives me insight into all of the internet usage in my house.  This is a good thing for accountability.  I can see the sites my kids visit (Hypothetically, because they don’t have access to web browsers on their phones).  The problem is that it gives me insight into my own usage.  

If you were to ask me how many minutes I was on Facebook yesterday, I would have said, “I’m not even sure I checked it more than once.”


I was on FLIPPIN’ Facebook for 55 minutes yesterday!  In one day.  I don’t even remember one thing that I saw on it. 

This week I’m going to be making some changes before I walk off a cliff…

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