You are probably getting your religion wrong.

We have long known the damage that can be done from traumatic events in our childhood.  So much of our perspective on life is determined at the start.  The same goes for our faith.  

We all have a starting point when it comes to our faith and most of us began forming our thoughts about God and the universe when we were fairly young.  Unfortunately, most children don’t know everything.  In fact, they don’t know hardly anything.  Yet most of us never go back and evaluate our formative beliefs.  I’ve been preaching through a series this month called, “Starting Point”.  The basic idea of the series is to revisit the foundational teachings of Jesus.  

It is amazing to me how many misunderstandings we live with.  For example, did you know that the Bible didn’t exist when Peter started a church in his house?  The early church didn’t focus on the teachings of Jesus but simply on THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS.  Simply believing that God raised Jesus from the dead made you a Christian.  Yet today, we try to determine people’s faith by their political leanings or particular sins.  

Another faulty foundation is the notion of sin.  We often think that sin makes God mad at us or even hate us.  The truth is that sin divides us from him; it destroys our relationship with Him.  Sin is devastating, not because we are simply disobeying, but because we are jeopardizing the relationship.  God cares about the relationship.  That is why Jesus died on the cross- to restore us, not to condemn us.  The implications of this are profound.  

If this is true, when I sin, I should run towards a God who wants to repair the relationship instead of running away from a God who wants to punish me.

If you’d like to listen to this entire sermon series, you can do so here.

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