Connection Point Church is (soft) launching this Sunday

This past Sunday was our largest non-holiday attendance at CPC.  It was also the last Sunday in our current space.  This Sunday we are moving into our new, larger church space.  Our new space is more than double our current space and will allow us to grow beyond our current capacity.  

A soft launch means that we are moving into the new space, but we do not consider it 100% complete.  

The lobby will be missing some furniture.  Many of the new signs and details are not quite ready.  We consider it a soft launch because it allows us to work out the Sunday kinks in our new space.  We are making many upgrades to our church.  We are tweaking how we check people in, how we do kids ministry (now that we have more rooms), and how we communicate our vision.  

Our Grand Opening Day will be on Easter Sunday, March 27th. 


Here is a rendering of our new sign, which should be in place by Easter Sunday
So what can we expect this week?

A great service in a great new space!  Our worship team will be leading us in some awesome worship from a great new stage with added lights.  My wife and I will be continuing our sermons series called, “LOVE DOCTOR”.  This week we will be tag team preaching on the topic of marriage.  

I hope you will pray for us and even stop by this Sunday.  Jesus is doing great things at Connection Point Church!

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