I’m a bad dad.  (A short example of why I need grace)

This morning I woke up my kids to get them ready for school.  After sending the first two off, I headed home to wake up my teenager.  He’s notoriously hard to rouse in the morning.  After repeated attempts to get him out of the sack, I told him, “The next time I come in here, I’ll be pouring a glass of water on your head.”  

10 minutes go by and nothing.

So I get a glass of water and head to his room.  As I pour it on his face, he spryly jumps out of bed and tries to take a swing at me as I laugh.  Then he said something that made me feel awful…

“Dad, I don’t have to go to school this morning. I am going to the Endocrinologist office this morning and this was a chance to sleep in.”

Sometimes I suck as a dad.   I thought about telling him he needed to get up anyway, but instead I appologized and bargained with him to make it right.  He forgave me and I’ll be taking him lunch tomorrow.


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