Why are you not happy today?

Everyday I meet people that seemed overwhelmed by problems in life.  I talk with people that feel trapped by decisions that they’ve made, yet they feel powerless to make new decisions.  So my thoughts this morning focus on how blessed we really are in this life.

Here is a quote that captures my mood this morning:

“Concentrate on counting your blessings and you’ll have little time to count anything else.”  – Woodrow Kroll

As a born again Christian, I am overwhelmed by the grace of God everyday.  I have had rebellious thoughts and actions almost every day of my life, yet God still loves me.  He has and will forgive me.  I struggle to see any reason to view my life as anything but blessed beyond measure.  My blessings flow not from my circumstances, which go from good to bad, but from my heart, which is renewed every morning through prayer, meditation, and scriptures.

When I was a teenager, I was good at focusing on the troubles in life.  I would see pain in almost everything.  I am fully aware of the struggles in the world and dedicate my life and ministry to serving those in need.  I cannot, however, understand the plight that I see so many people who live where I live, drive the streets where I drive, make way more money than I make, yet miss out on this grace and freedom that God has shown us.  

My daughter’s Ethiopian name is Ediliwit.  It means “the lucky one”.  In essence, it means blessed.  It encompasses how I feel about life.  Her entry into this life was a hard life.  I would not wish it on anyone.  Her first year of life caused struggles that remain to this day and will be a challenge for her always.  But she is still blessed.  God has given her every opportunity to sieze.  If she becomes trapped by her decisions, she will have the freedom to make new ones.  Today is a great day and we truly are blessed.  

This morning I awoke early to spend time with God and thank Him for all that He has given me. 


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