This is church

In Bill Hybel’s great book, “Axiom”, he wrote a chapter called “This is church”. In that chapter, Hybels describes how there is the jobs or tasks that a pastor does, but the defining moments are the interruptions- the husband who needs marital counseling, the mourning mother, or the child who asks a simple question about God. In the heat of the moment, a pastor is tempted to view such detours from budget proposals, sermon writing, or even leading a meeting.

Lately I have had many of these moments, whether they were conversations over lunch, discussions following a sermon, or even surprise interruptions. Each time I’ve heard the whisper of God saying, “THIS IS CHURCH”. What a privilege it is to be interrupted by the will of God!

Perhaps you too have been at work and had this privilege. What seemed like an inconvenience becomes the point of your entire day. A simple interruption turns you into the hand, feet, and even mouthpiece of Jesus. This week I challenge you to anticipate these moments and instead of feeling unproductive or distracted, say to yourself, “THIS IS CHURCH!”


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