How to change your life- the crazy train method.

When I was seventeen years old, I went to Zoo Music and asked the long haired guy behind the counter if he would teach me to play the guitar. They didn’t officially offer guitar lessons, but he said yes anyway. In my mind, I thought 17 years old was too late to start playing an instrument but I figured if I played a little bit each day, when I was 27 I could tell people I’ve been playing for 10 years.

I’ve now been playing the guitar for over 30 years every day. (I’m not great, but much better than I used to be). Last year I did little experiment. I decided to see if I could learn to play Crazytrain by Ozzie Osborne. So each day for over a year, I played the opening riff two times. I spent less than 5 minutes a day on this task. After about 6 months, I could run through the opening riff (which is my favorite part of the song) quite easily.

Next I learned the four chords that make up the verses. It took about 2 weeks of practicing them for 5 or 10 minutes a day to get sufficient. Next I did the pre chorus and chorus. Then the transitions.

So now I can play Crazytrain. It took a little over a year. I still play it everytime I walk past my guitar.

This method of 10 minutes a day has challenged me in several ways.

What if I practiced Spanish for 10 minutes a day?

What if wrote for for 10 minutes a day?

Who knows what it will lead to or how long? Not me.

But I can play Crazytrain.