About Joel

For far too long, I’ve taken myself way too serious. I am a pastor, father, regular guy. I am the founding pastor of Connection Point Church, but I’m also probably the luckiest guy in the world to have such wonderful people to help me lead a church.  I hope to change the world in some small way.

I have challenges and struggles that God continues to rescue me from.  The work of God in my own life has given me a burden for others to find what I’ve found… The peace of God, the forgiveness of sins, faith… in other words, the GOSPEL.

David McCullough famously said,

Writing is thinking. To write well is to think clearly.”

My hope for this blog is that by writing on subjects I find interesting, I might understand them better and better articulate my thoughts. I reserve the right to reverse my opinions as I focus in on a specific topic.

This blog has several purposes. My main purpose is to think clearer on the subjects of religion, leadership, and self improvement. This blog focuses on things I like and things I find interesting.  It is also a snapshot in time for me to reflect on where I was and what I was thinking. I document my family a lot. It probably contains a lot of Brazilian Jui Jitsu as well.

If you happen to find it, thanks for reading it.

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