The Wooly Mammoth is back

In an effort to become a better writer and to process some of my current thoughts on the Christian life, I thought I’d start writing here again. My main goal will be to write something interesting on each post.

Today I thought I’d write about a book I just checked out at the library. It is called, “Wooly- The true story of the quest to revive one of history’s most iconic extinct creatures”. Yup. Jurassic Park is real. At this moment, Dr. George Church is attempting to bring the Wooly Mammoth back from extinction. I’m about half way through the book and I’ll spare you the technical details. Here is a quick summary of what I’ve read so far: 1. Dr. Church is wicked smart. 2. Scientist have mapped the DNA of the Wooly Mammoth. 3. Asian Elephants are the closest relative to the Wooly Mammoth.

As I read this book, I have thought a lot about the theological implications, the moral implications, and the practical implications. One of the most interesting theories that the book proposes concerns global warming. Most people believe that global warming caused the extinction of the wooly mammoths. This book flips it around and says that it is possible that the mass extinction of the mammoths caused global warming (back then). In essence, the presence of hundreds of thousands or even millions of large animals walking in Siberia would cool the ground several degrees. As man began to hunt the mammoths to extinction, the ground began to warm. As for what actually happened, who knows? I love to see scientist who openly challenge the accepted views of other scientist.

This book has spurred on many theological thoughts in my mind, but most of all it has drawn me back to the awesomeness of God’s creation. The amount of information in a strand of DNA to the uniqueness of man’s intellect. God is an amazing designer. Some people might be put off by the topic, but I am intrigued. I once heard TD Jakes say, “God makes trees, not tables.” It is amazing what man can do when he examines everything God has given him in this world!


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