Level 4

Now imagine that each week you are being held accountable for your spiritual habits.  You’ve been consistently reading your Bible for months, journaling or taking notes, praying, reading books, sharing your faith, confessing sins, and memorizing scriptures.  By now, you are likely being shaped into the image of Christ in a whole new way!  It’s time to consider the final level, Level 4:

Click Here for Level 4 Discipleship Guide

The final level adds three more disciplines.  The first is Follow Ups.  A follow up is simply an opportunity to encourage someone else in the church.  It may be a simple phone call or a handwritten letter.  It could be taking meals to someone who is sick.  Who have you been caring for?  At Level 4, you will be challenged to invest in other people within the church.

Another addition is the Daily Review.  The Daily review is simply an opportunity to review your day and evaluate how you did in your discipleship journey.  Did you miss an opportunity to share your faith or encourage someone?  During your Daily Review, you can set you goals for the next day so that you are taking a step towards Jesus every day!

The final discipline is Fasting.  Fasting is an opportunity for us to suffer safely.  Whether we like it or not, God often uses our suffering to speak to us and shape us.  When we fast, we are drawing near to Him by trusting and relying on Him to sustain us in the absence of physical sustenance.  You may fast individually or together with your Discipleship partner.


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