Being a Disciple at Connection Point Church.

The next few posts are going to be focused towards my church and some things I am processing as a pastor.  If you are simply a friend or a family, this may not be relevant to you.  (Just a warning)

One of my biggest concerns as a pastor are people who hear the Gospel, respond, but then fall to the wayside as they try to manage a new lifestyle that corresponds to their new heart.  I’ve seen that for two years, the people of CPC have obediently held to the processes that we have

set, yet I am unconvinced that we are truly building the strongest disciples possible.  Is there a better way to lead people from where they are to where God wants them to be?

We are called, not to a decision, but to be disciples.  It is a process of becoming the people God wants us to be.  A disciple’s life is a series of godly habits that shape a godly character.  It is a process, yet most of us simply focus on one decision we made way back when.

Our first process of making disciples at  CPC was to focus on connections.  The way we did this was through small groups and serving.  The idea was that we would connect with one another and encourage one another.  Unto this point of our church, this has sufficed.  It has laid the groundwork for people to connect and begin their journey with Christ.

One of the things that I am now understanding is that it is time for us to prepare for the next phase of our church.  We must be more intentional about creating lifelong disciples and leaders.  Simply connecting with one another will not create habits and heart necessary to develop a new generation of leaders and strong Christians.  I believe we must focus on APPLYING God’s truth to our everyday life.  The missing ingredient to our current process is accountability.  Unless you allow someone to speak into your life on a personal level; someone

to challenge and encourage you, sin and poor habits will be difficult to overcome.  Godly habits and righteous heart will have difficulty taking hold.
Over the next few posts, I am going to begin laying out some new thoughts that I have on how we can shape disciples in our church and what it could look like.  Most of these ideas are simply ideas.  They are not actions or church wide decrees.  Most of them will be shaped and reshaped numerous times before implemented..

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